Happy Clients

A coach is really there to help YOU figure out the obstacles. YOU have access to the information you are seeking, YOU have the answers, and the coach will help you find them. Julie helped me out with some career issues and put me on the right track. I am in such a better place than a year ago!
— Client, Brooklyn NY

Julie has a knack for making you feel at ease, and her confidence is contagious. I was able to navigate a messy, confusing professional patch thanks to her guidance, encouragement and no-nonsense approach. You leave her sessions feeling like you have already accomplished so much, with a clarity that gives you the boost you need to get moving towards your goals. I’m truly thankful to have been able to work with Julie as I take the next step in my career.

— Teresa L., Brooklyn, NY

Coaching with Julie has transformed my life.  Through our work together, I have gained the clarity and courage I needed to change careers, shed stress, and approach my life and work in a way that is more trusting, more compassionate, and more ‘me.’  During our sessions I feel 100% safe and supported (while also knowing that Julie will call me out or push me when I need it), and afterwards I feel energized, focused, and ready to take action that will keep me on track towards achieving the life and career that I want for myself.

— Jen L., Washington D.C.


I would recommend Julie to anyone who feels stuck, personally or professionally, and who is ready to do something about it. Julie’s coaching process is encouraging, precise and practical. She helped me clarify what’s most important to me in life, and to turn that knowledge into goals and actions that are already paying off.

— Virginia L., Brooklyn, NY

When I think about coaching with Julie I think about her seriousness, the homework (in a positive way), holding me accountable, being gentle yet firm, and the combination of  practical and more conceptual/overall goal oriented guidance. I firmly believe I would never have attained my current close to perfect, challenging, work/life balanced, satisfying salary, fulfilling position without Julie.

— Carolyn W., Queens, NY