How it Works


My coaching practice is always 100% confidential and 100% personalized to each client’s needs.


Standard Coaching Package

We start with a 1-1.5 hour discovery session where I hear more about your story, we dig deep into your values, and get clear on the goals of our work together.

That is followed by 11 weekly 40 minute sessions - for a total of 12 to start.

After that 12 week minimum, we decide whether and how to continue. Most of my work is over the phone, but I do sometimes offer video coaching or in person in Brooklyn.

Custom Packages

I have several other packages I offer depending on your individual needs.

Is this Therapy?

Coaching is different from consulting, therapy and counseling. In coaching, we start from today—the present—to help move gracefully into the future you want for yourself.  I work through a combination of powerful questions, visualizations, perspective work, and other tools to support you in achieving your goals. The emphasis is on the coach-client partnership - working together to hold you accountable to have what you want!