I love partnering with my clients to support their journeys

You: Feeling stuck in your career, like you want something else but are not sure what; or you know what you want but don’t know how to get there.

Me: Filled with the questions that will help you find the answers. Supporting you with humor, gentle firmness and without judgement. And holding you accountable to making forward progress.

Over the years, my clients have found great new jobs in the same field or in a new one, found more joy, grown in their leadership, and found more work-life ease in their current jobs, and grown in other parts of their life along the way. They primarily work in government, nonprofits, academia, and the media (and some in the private sector).

They now have a toolbox not only for searching for more joy in their jobs, but also for their lives.


Encouraging, precise and practical

“I would recommend Julie to anyone who feels stuck, personally or professionally, and who is ready to do something about it. Julie’s coaching process is encouraging, precise and practical. She helped me clarify what’s most important to me in life, and to turn that knowledge into goals and actions that are already paying off.”

- Virginia L., Brooklyn, NY

I would never have attained my current position

“When I think about coaching with Julie I think about her seriousness, the homework (in a positive way), holding me accountable, being gentle yet firm, and the combination of  practical and more conceptual/overall goal oriented guidance. I firmly believe I would never have attained my current close to perfect, challenging, work/life balanced, satisfying salary, fulfilling position without Julie Kashen.” 

- Carolyn W., Queens, NY

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Hi, I’m Julie.

My mission is to empower individuals to thrive at work and at home - and to be amazing leaders in all aspects of their lives.


Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself

— George Bernard Shaw